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GULFMASTER – one of the best Gs ever?

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Getting the new G-SHOCK GULFMASTER GWN-1000B-1BER was a strike of luck… The images on the web didnt nearly represent how good this watch looks in real life… As if that wasn’t already enough, it conviced me within one day by its comfort despite its size, and the great functionality. A true outdoor watch, that is serious competition to the Rangeman and the Protreks…


  1. Great photos!! Gonna have to try this one!

  2. Yes you do, Chris!! It’s a winner!

    • I find the smart crown loosening up out of its locking position fairly easy. it only takes less than a quarter turn to open it leaving it susceptible to water damage. great watch other than this designerw flaw. What do you think?

      • cronkadile – I haven’t had that happen on any of my Gulfmasters… as such I am not a big fan of the crown concept really, seemy like an unnecessary mechanical risk. that said, no issues so far on any Gulfmaster of Mudmaster… Time will tell…

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